Meeting Room Set & AV

Meeting Room Setup & AV

Meeting Room Setup

All workshop rooms are set theater style (rows of seats with podium at the front). This room set is used to maximize the number of seats available in the program. However, there might be an opportunity for an alternative room setup, which would be rounds (banquet style). Special meeting room setup will be considered based on interpreted logistics of the workshop if selected and based on space availability. If you would like your workshop to be considered for an alternative room setup, you will have an opportunity to request and include an explanation when submitting your workshop proposal. There will be no guarantee that the request for an alternative room set will be provided.

Audio-Visual Equipment

CAAEYC provides the following for all workshop rooms:

  • Head table with two chairs
  • One wired microphone if the room holds more than 80 people
  • LCD projector, screen, cart and cables to connect YOUR OWN laptop to the LCD projector.

CAAEYC will also provide you with one additional audio visual tool/aid. You will have the opportunity to select one of the following when submitting your presentation:

  • Flip chart with markers (please note this is for meeting rooms holding less than 80 people); or
  • Additional wired microphone (for rooms holding more than 80 people)

CAAEYC does not provide Internet service.

Computers are NOT provided by CAAEYC. Presenters may bring their own computers, overhead projectors or rent them through CAAEYC's AV provider. If you have an Apple computer, you will need to bring your own adaptor to connect to the LCD projector. CAAEYC reserves the right to not accommodate all AV requests.