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Important: Health and Safety Protocols

Updated: April 28, 2022
Updated: February 11, 2022
Posted: October 18, 2021

Effective April 1, 2022, Pasadena aligned with the state by lifting the Indoor Mega Events Health Order. Event Organizers of indoor mega events will no longer be required to verify vaccination status or a negative test result of attendees.
The CAAEYC Board agreed to rescind the previously announced Health & Safety protocols in alignment with the City of Pasadena's change in health order.
With that commitment, CAAEYC will align with the City of Pasadena's alignment with the state by lifting the indoor mega events health order.
Proof of vaccination or negative test result is no longer be required. While masks are no longer required, we encourage all participants to wear a mask while indoors; however, it is optional.
We appreciate the commitment and responsibility of all participants to comply with health and safety protocols in preparing to attend the conference and during the event.

Your Participation Agreement | Personal Responsibility and Liability Waiver

  • By attending the in-person conference, you voluntarily assume all risks and accept sole responsibility for any injury or contracting an infectious disease, including but not limited to exposure to COVID-19, and release CAAEYC from liability for any injury or harm that may result by attending the conference.
  • CAAEYC’s goal is to ensure a safe conference environment. As such, you also agree to abide by any prevention or safety measures that CAAEYC, the venue, the County health department, or the State of California may have in place during the conference.
  • You also agree not to attend the conference if you become ill, are aware that you’ve been directly exposed to the COVID-19 virus within two weeks prior to the conference, or exhibit any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus prior to or during the conference.
  • If any participant fails to comply with these health and safety protocols, he/she hereby consents to be ejected from the conference with no refund.
  • You agree to release, indemnify against all costs, expenses and attorney fees, and hold harmless CAAEYC, as well as their respective affiliates, directors, officers, staff, agents, employees, contractors or volunteers, from any claims related in any fashion to the 2022 CAAEYC Annual Conference & Expo, including all sessions/events/activities whether at the convention center, the headquarter hotels or at another venue or location affiliated with the conference.